Why Mechanics Love Car Savior

Why Mechanics Love Car Savior

For drivers, the reasons to use Car Savior are straightforward. 

With our proprietary algorithm, customers can easily diagnose their car online, pick a mechanic on our marketplace, and get an on-site diagnostic confirmation and repair for way less time and money compared to the traditional model. 

But it turns out that mechanics love The Car Savior as well, but their reasons are a little less obvious. Here’s why: 

Being a Mechanic Isn’t an Easy Job

Though mechanics are widely needed and can make good money, there are many other factors that make the job challenging and downright unpleasant:

  • Mechanics need to buy tools to get a job, often costing them $30k or more. Contrary to popular belief, these tools are not owned by the shop.
  • The work is increasingly difficult, requiring bright, widely educated people to understand all of the technology and subsystems in a given car. 
  • They are constantly doing work that makes them uncomfortable – pressured to work on problems they don’t completely understand for fear of losing their job or losing customers.
  • In the age of Yelp and Facebook, every repair shop owner is afraid of getting a bad review. If one of their mechanics makes mistakes that result in bad reviews, it will likely cost the mechanic their job.
  • Advertising is hard for a small business to master – especially when you’re competing online with well-funded companies.
  • Workload is inconsistent and logistics are always a hassle. Everyone is in a hurry to get their car back, but it’s hard to know how long any given repair will take without knowing what’s wrong and how long the parts will take to arrive. As soon as a car is diagnosed, mechanics are in a mad rush to get the parts onsite as soon as possible. With a poor understanding of workload, mechanics often overestimate repair times – risking lost business –  or turn away work outright. The result is that mechanics rarely work at more than 70% of capacity on any given month.

Finally, everyone thinks most mechanics are dishonest. 

The truth is they often don’t know the precise issue. Modern cars simply have too many different kinds of technology. It’s nearly impossible to master them all. To compensate, once an issue is narrowed down to a few potential causes, the mechanic convinces the driver to replace all the parts that could be the issue to ensure the car doesn’t come back with the same symptom. 

Unknowingly, the driver paid as much as 3X what they could have paid had the car been properly diagnosed by a mechanic that understood the problem well.

As an added bitter pill for the mechanic, shop owners take 75% of gross profit from a repair. 

Car Savior Improves The Life of a Mechanic

Giving consumers the power to diagnose their own car issues and list the repair in The Car Savior market place, mechanics are empowered to make the best decisions for themselves and the customer: 

  • Mechanics can pick and choose (with high precision) the kind of repairs they know how to do well and quickly. 
  • Drivers can be connected directly with owner-operator mechanic businesses without a shop owner taking a cut. Often the mechanic can make 2x times more income while still giving the driver a great deal.
  • Mechanics can schedule their time precisely since they know exactly what’s coming in every day and the jobs are planned in advance. Parts can also be ordered in advance. With a greater understanding of workload, mechanics can take more work during peak times

We’ve never had a mechanic turn down the opportunity to integrate into the Car Savior platform because they love it! 

Like AirBnB and other services that connect users directly with providers, The Car Savior will transform the way drivers book car repair. 

Learn more about our platform on our MicroVentures and join us as an investor today!

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