Isn’t it better to go the dealer?

People assume that today’s cars are so complicated that only the dealer understands them and only the dealer can interface with the car’s electronics.

The fact is that the electronic interfaces are mostly standardized between vehicles made after 1996 (because of emissions laws). While the electronic interfaces used to cost $15,000+ ten years ago, the modern smart phone caused the price to plummet. Now a smart phone and $30 worth of tools is enough to diagnose almost any issue.   

Of course, there are exceptions. Sometimes, you need more than the $30 widget. These issues are easy to spot by the symptoms they display. Once identified, these repairs are automatically forwarded to mechanics with more extensive tools or expertise with the particular issue. Most of the time, this is a specialty shop KarSavior has found to be the best at repairing this type of issue – often better than the dealer. However sometimes, we will recommend the car to dealer. 

Rest assure that when a car needs to go the dealer, we will let you know. For everything else, you can enjoy 50% or even 80% off!  

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