Why Driving Like Vin Diesel is Actually Good for Your Car

Burning fuel isn’t always a perfect process. The best known example is soot in a fireplace or campfire. It occurs when combustion isn’t complete.

While engines have a lot of electronics to make sure combustion is well controlled, soot still builds up inside. The result is a layer of grime on everything. The grime causes all sorts of problems. Valves don’t close. Air doesn’t flow very well.

The inside of the cylinder can be particularly problematic. There is buildup, normally carbon, which is a thermal insulator. The insulation means the surface gets hotter than it would normally (since steel and aluminum are good at carrying the heat away from the surface). The thicker the carbon, the hotter the surface. Eventually the surface of the carbon gets so hot, the fuel auto ignites, causing knock.

So what’s the solution? Drive it like you stole it! High engine temperatures combined with lots of air and fuel flow often will knock carbon loose. It will probably need more than one 0 to 60 sprint. Generally four or five in close succession may do as much as a fuel treatment.

It isn’t just the engine that benefits. Transmissions have higher fluid flow at higher RPM. The higher flow blows out accumulated dirt in solenoids and valve bodies, resulting in better shifting.  Noisy brakes (due to dirt) can sometimes be cured with a hard stop. In certain Ford Focus transmissions, aggressive driving will even cure serious transmission issues!

So If you’re out driving, don’t be bashful. Step on it every once in a while! Your car might run better.

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