How Mobile Mechanics are Cheaper than Brick and Mortar mechanics

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your car fixed at your home or office? You’d never have to drop off your car at a shop. You’d never have to deal with the inconvenience of being without your car.

The fact of the matter is that it’s often cheaper to have a mechanic come to you versus you going to them.

Brick and mortar shops have high overhead. When a job is booked, the mechanic actually working on your car is generally paid 25% or less of the net proceeds from your repair. When a mechanic comes to your house, they’re putting a much high percentage of the proceeds in their pocket. Of course, it takes a lot time to drive to your house. Sometimes it’s harder and slower to a repair a car without a full shop. But it’s more than made up for by the increase in pay.

The advent of smart phones accelerated the change. It used to be that only big shops could afford the expensive electronics necessary to interface with a car’s electronics and diagnose any issues. Now a smart phone and a $25 Bluetooth widget is all you need. Because of emissions laws, the interfaces are mostly standardized between cars, by law, for all cars made after 1996 (because of emissions laws). Now good mechanics can leave their shops, work less and make more money doing mobile work.

The mechanic makes more money, the customer saves money. Everybody wins!

Of course, big jobs still need a shop, however a good mobile mechanic is more than capable for 90% of most issues.



The key is finding the right mobile mechanic for your issue. No one person knows everything about everything or has the tools to disassemble every piece of the car. Mechanics tend to specialize in certain types of jobs. Some are perfect for transmission repair. Others are geniuses at electronics. Some aren’t physically strong enough to pull an axle (which can be surprisingly difficult).



Thankfully, KarSavior has you covered. We match expertise with your issue and making sure your car is fixed right – often without ever dropping off your car! Isn’t that nice?

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