7 best ways to save money as a Lyft/Uber driver!

Car troubles can happen to anyone, especially if you’re driving around all day getting passengers from point A to point B. Rideshare drivers put immense amounts of miles driving around their customers, inevitably leading to the slow deterioration of your vehicle’s components. Fortunately for you, small hacks and tricks can be used to improve the longevity of your car and save you big bucks on upcoming car repairs. These tips are so simple to implement you won’t even break a sweat. Without further ado, here are 7 tips that can help you save money on car repairs:

  1. Shop around. Different shops are always running discounts. The trick is finding who’s got the best deal coming up. Luckily, we can do that for you! 
  2. Use better oil, but only change it every 6,000 miles. It’s 10% more expensive, but it only has to be done ½ as often. 
  3. Don’t buy the tires that came with the car. Get something cheaper. Tire manufactures sell tires on new cars at or near a loss. Then they mark them up to the aftermarket, knowing that people will default to the tires that came with the car.  
  4. Know when you can ignore a repair and when you can’t. Contrary to what your local mechanic says, not all repairs are urgent. Some can wait a while. Others don’t have to be fixed at all! Knowing which you can ignore will save you a lot of money. KarSavior can tell you when a repair is really serious or when it can be ignored. 
  5. Use reputable mechanics. “Bargain” mechanics get you to come in for a cheap oil change, then they insist the car needs a new air filter, even though the user manual says it’s good for another 20,000 miles. Thankfully KarSavior shows you the recommended maintenance in straight forward manner. Simply click to find out what you need and don’t get anything done that’s unnecessary. We also only work with the best mechanics. 
  6. Make sure your car gets good, quality parts. Some mechanics try to buy the cheapest possible parts to make the most money. However, it’s often penny wise and pound foolish. For example, just a small amount more money could buy you an air filter or oil filter that’s a whole lot better. 
  7. Don’t buy premium gas. For most cars, it doesn’t do anything. The car should require it. If your car does require it, chances are the car is expensive and the depreciation is too high. You should sell it, buy something with less depreciation, and make more money! 

The Car Savior is a car repair concierge service, finding you honest, quality car repair services without all of the games, mumbo jumbo, or gotchas you find elsewhere. When booked with our service, we allow only the best parts and best mechanics. Then we let mechanics bid against each other to get you the best deal – without sacrificing quality. That’s The Car Savior way. Visit us here!

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