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Why Mechanics Love Car Savior

Why Mechanics Love Car Savior For drivers, the reasons to use Car Savior are straightforward.  With our proprietary algorithm, customers can easily diagnose their car online, pick a mechanic on our marketplace, and get an on-site diagnostic confirmation and repair for way less time and money compared to the traditional model.  But it turns out […]

Expansion Tubes Vs. Orifice Tubes

Most people think that when testing an air conditioner, if the high pressure is low and the low pressure is high, then the compressor is bad – end of story. When you replace the compressor, as a best practice, you should also replace the expansion valve. Now, when the system starts back up, the AC […]

How to Tell if your Oil Change Shop is Crooked

  Of all mechanics, oil change shops can be some of the least honest in the car repair business. They play the age-old game: lure you in with a cheap price and then gouge you with additional services once you arrive.     These are common scams:  Cheap oil: As discussed, the cheapest oil isn’t worth it. Buy decent oil […]

7 best ways to save money as a Lyft/Uber driver!

Car troubles can happen to anyone, especially if you’re driving around all day getting passengers from point A to point B. Rideshare drivers put immense amounts of miles driving around their customers, inevitably leading to the slow deterioration of your vehicle’s components. Fortunately for you, small hacks and tricks can be used to improve the […]

Why You Make More Money With Ride-Sharing Apps Driving an Older Car

I once rode with a driver driving a brand new $60,000 Lexus complaining he wasn’t making any money because his car was depreciating so quickly. Really? I thought. That’s not higher math!  Put 161 miles in an 8 hour shift. That makes depreciation and insurance a significant cost  Figure out the cost of insurance and decreased resell value.  […]

Why Driving Like Vin Diesel is Actually Good for Your Car

Burning fuel isn’t always a perfect process. The best known example is soot in a fireplace or campfire. It occurs when combustion isn’t complete. While engines have a lot of electronics to make sure combustion is well controlled, soot still builds up inside. The result is a layer of grime on everything. The grime causes […]

Why 200k miles is the new 100k

People used to fear owning a car over 100,000 miles. 200,000 was uncommon unless the engine was replaced. The truth is, most modern cars on the road will go 100,000 or even 150,000 with zero unscheduled maintenance. That’s right. Not a single thing will break. Even at 200,000 miles, most cars are still fairly reliable. […]